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15th April 2014

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I made a corset!!!

Dieting and waist-training are a powerful combination! But… needing a new, smaller corset every couple of months (and needing a wider hip-spring than is typically available in OTR) has prompted me to learn to make my own! 

So I picked up a used sewing machine, watched a ton of YouTube tutorials, read loads of how-to’s and blogs, dissected an old non-fitting corset for parts, picked up other miscellaneous supplies, and got to work!

Most of what I learned came from Lucy’s 'corset making' playlist, and from Sidney Eileen’s tutorials.

I created the pattern by making a duct-tape form over an old t-shirt, over my modified Josephine by Isabella.

I made a mock-up using cotton canvas, shown below over my cinched Josephine.

Once I was happy with the mock-up I transferred my pattern to two layers of fresh, sturdy, cotton canvas. I sewed the panels together mostly following Sidney Eileen’s Basic two-layer tutorial. The corset I sacrificed for parts was single-boned with spring-steel flats, and I re-used the bones and busk for this first attempt. I wanted to keep it simple, and with a mind towards the coming summer, light-weight. I placed a single bone in the center of eack panel, except the panel containing the busk. I trimmed the corset with a cream-and-white satin ribbon. I should get some white or cream laces, but for now green will do!

So here is the almost-finished corset (just slightly cinched, seasoning will take some time)! I think I will add some flossing, especially since the bones are flats. But this is it! 

Not bad for a woman who hadn’t touched a sewing machine since ‘Home Ec’ class in grade-school!  

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